How to remove papillomas at home

The papilloma virus infects 99% of the population, because it is transmitted by shaking hands, kissing and sexual contact. The owners of the microorganism are visitors to swimming pools and public baths. The virus may be dormant for a long time. It is activated when the immune system becomes weaker. The skin or mucous membranes are covered with ugly growths - papillomas, which are disposed of by the traditional and folk method.

papilloma on the back how to remove

Precautions and Prohibited Practices

Formations are removed for two reasons: medical and cosmetic. Papillomas have an unaesthetic appearance and, under certain circumstances, can become malignant tumors. The growths should be examined by a dermatologist, who will confirm that they are not dangerous, and only after consulting a specialist can the formations be disposed of.

Papilloma is not removed by folk remedies if:

  1. It grows quickly or has become brown, red or black.
  2. The formation is located on the mucous membrane of the mouth, nasopharynx, in the corners of the eyes or on the eyelid.
  3. The growth bleeds, has uneven "torn" edges and a heterogeneous loose structure, consists of several small parts extending from one root.

It is forbidden to cut the papilloma with scissors or a knife. Injured tissues degenerate into malignant tumors, and viruses and bacteria penetrate into an open wound, due to which immunity becomes weak. The virus attacks the body again, and the number of papillomas increases.

Scissors are a source of infection and blood poisoning, which is fatal.

It is not recommended to bandage the formations with silk threads or hair, to seal them with tape. The method is old and dangerous. Sometimes growths cut off from the circulatory system dry up and fall off. But more often, after a papilloma removed in this way, a scar or an ugly scar remains, complications arise.

The formations located on the genitals are removed by the gynecologist. He cauterizes papillomas and prescribes drugs that suppress the virus and increase immunity.

Aloe for beautiful skin

The plant is rich in keratolytic components that destroy the virus, contribute to the death of the growth and the rapid restoration of the skin. Use only five year old aloe or older. In young bushes, a low concentration of a useful substance.

Cut off a leaf from an indoor flower and wash off the dust from the workpiece. Wipe and put in the refrigerator, wrapping the aloe in a plastic bag. Take out after 2-3 days, cut off a small piece and divide it in half. Moisten a piece of gauze, cloth or cotton wool in the pulp and attach it to the papilloma, gluing it with a plaster. Remove after 4-5 hours, repeat manipulations twice a day for 10 days.

You can apply a compress from the juice squeezed from the plant, or the leaf itself, cut in half, to the formation. Be sure to test and check if the flower causes allergies.

Chicken eggs from papillomas

Small growths will disappear if protein is used. Larger formations are removed by the shell.

chicken eggs from papillomas

To prepare a cure for small papillomas, the protein is transferred to a separate container. There should not be a drop of yolk in the workpiece. The product is lightly beaten, the protein foam is easier to apply to the skin. Do not add sugar or salt. Moisten a cotton swab in the medicine and carefully distribute it over the papilloma so that it is all covered with a viscous translucent film.

Lubricate the formations with a protein blank 3 to 5 times a day. The growths will dry up and decrease after a week of treatment, and completely disappear after 1–1. 5 months.

The eggshell works like a scrub, gradually erasing the papilloma, so it is used with caution. The agent is calcined for 30–40 minutes in an oven at a temperature of 280–300 degrees to disinfect and dry.

Grind the workpiece in a coffee grinder or mortar. Apply the powder directly to the papilloma, covering the treated growth with a thin layer of cotton wool, and seal it with a plaster on top. After 5-6 hours, wash off the remains of the eggshell with water, but do not rub hard. Take a three day break.

Repeat manipulations until the growths disappear. Sometimes they disappear after 1-2 procedures, others have to spend several weeks or months.

exotic ways

Banana peel dries and eliminates papillomas. Apply it with the inside to the problem area and leave for 5-15 minutes. Rinse off the remnants of the banana pulp with warm water, and then treat the growth with essential oil. For example, tea tree, which contains phytoncides. Substances act locally, destroying the virus and preventing the appearance of new formations. Lemon essential oil, which contains acids, also helps. They cauterize the papilloma, but the agent is applied only to the growth itself. Essential oil, when it comes into contact with a healthy skin area, causes a burn.

Helps with papillomas and castor oil. In large formations, the agent is rubbed with light massage movements. On small ones, apply 1-2 drops of oil. Soak a cotton swab or swab in castor oil. Cover the treated papilloma with gauze and bandage or seal with a plaster.

A cosmetic defect will also be eliminated by potato juice. It's easy to prepare:

  • Peel a large or medium vegetable from the skin.
  • Finely grate or grind.
  • Transfer to a gauze bag and squeeze.

Pour the juice into a glass bottle or jar, and discard the cake. Apply the liquid to the papilloma 2-4 times a day. Do not glue, just wait until the product dries.

Cleaner for all problems

The effectiveness of celandine was recognized even by traditional medicine. The pharmacy sells a concentrated extract from the plant, which solves the problem in one use. There are several homemade homeopathic medicine recipes.

papillomas removal celandine

You will need a few fresh sprigs of celandine. Break the stem into pieces and apply the juice that has come out onto the papilloma. In the first week, lubricate the formation every 3-4 hours. Then reduce to 2-3 times a day. Continue until the growth is dry.

Do papillomas periodically appear either on the face or on the trunk? At hand should always be an alcohol tincture based on celandine:

  1. Finely chop a bunch of fresh plants to make 80–90 g of the workpiece.
  2. Pour the herb into a glass jar.
  3. Pour in water-alcohol mixture. Take 100 ml of each liquid.
  4. Shake and put under the bed for 5 days.
  5. Periodically take out and mix the components.

How to remove papillomas with alcohol infusion? Soak a cotton pad in the product, wring out and apply to the growth. Secure with cling film and bandage. You can use a patch if the papilloma is located on the face. Remove the compress after 25 minutes and rinse the skin with water so that irritation does not appear. Lubricate healthy areas, which got celandine, with vegetable oil or baby cream.

Process the growth for at least 14 days, 2-3 times a day.

The method is not suitable for patients with sensitive or dry skin. Alcohol dries out and causes peeling. In this case, papillomas are recommended to be treated with a water-based plant extract.

How to prepare a remedy for growths?

  1. Chop 150 g of celandine and transfer to an enamel pan.
  2. Soak in 200 ml of water for 30 minutes.
  3. Boil the mixture, cool and heat a second time.
  4. Keep the infusion on fire until 50–100 ml of water has evaporated.
  5. Remove the saucepan with the extract from the stove and wrap it with a terry towel.

Infuse the medicine for at least 10 hours. Strain the cooled billet and carefully squeeze out the celandine so that not a drop of moisture remains in the cake. Store the extract in a glass container. Moisten a cotton swab in a decoction of celandine and apply to the papilloma twice a day. Remove after 10-15 minutes, be sure to rinse the skin with water.

Repeat manipulations until the growth disappears. You can’t rip off the formation yourself, even if it has darkened and dried up.

Important: Work with fresh celandine only with rubber gloves. Thoroughly wash off the remnants of juice and grass from the hands so that they do not get into the eyes or mouth, otherwise burns caused by the plant will appear on the mucous membrane.

Walnuts and papillomas

Green and ripe walnuts remove formations of any size, as well as growths that have become inflamed due to constant friction on clothes.

walnut to remove papillomas

Papillomas are rubbed with an infusion prepared from fresh leaves. Pour 50 g of raw materials into a thermos, add 200 ml of boiling water. Wait a day, and then strain and apply 4-6 times a day until the neoplasms disappear.

Will remove a cosmetic defect and a mask of walnut kernels. Grind the workpiece into powder, combine with honey until the consistency of a thick slurry. Apply a mask to the papilloma, leave for an hour, wrapping with cling film. The remedy is recommended for inflamed formations.

The growths will be removed by the cream of green nuts. Wash the workpiece and grind together with the peel to a homogeneous consistency. Add some kerosene to make a thick cream. Apply the nut mass to the formation in a thick layer, cover with cling film on top and wrap with a bandage. Wash off after 30 minutes.

The procedure is carried out 1 time per day until the papillomas disappear. The product has a characteristic smell, so it is recommended to use nut ointment before the weekend so that the persistent aroma has time to disappear.

Soap, garlic and onion

Phytoncides, which are part of onions and garlic, strengthen local immunity and destroy the papillomavirus, which causes growths. Spicy vegetables will make your skin clearer if used properly.

Onion peel will make an effective remedy for papillomas. Transfer the workpiece to a jar and pour vinegar so that the liquid completely covers the dry ingredient. Wrap the container with foil and a scarf, insist the medicine for 2 weeks.

Drain the vinegar, and put the husk in a thin layer on a plate or baking sheet and dry. Apply the onion remedy to the papilloma at bedtime, wrap it with a bandage, and wash off the remnants of the medicine in the morning. Lubricate the skin after the procedure with baby cream to prevent irritation.

It is easy to prepare a garlic preparation for papillomas:

  • crush 1-2 peeled cloves;
  • combine with baby cream or petroleum jelly;
  • stir with a wooden stick so that the oxidation of the medicine does not begin.

Apply a thin layer of garlic remedy on a piece of gauze or cotton fabric and apply to the growth for 3 hours. Wash off the remains with soapy water, moisturize the skin around the papilloma with cream.

They treat growths with laundry or tar soap. A softened piece is applied to the problem area, and after 20–30 minutes, the remnants are removed.

Pharmacy preparations

Removing neoplasms with folk recipes is a long and complicated process. Patients who want to get rid of the build-up in a matter of days are recommended to use pharmacy products.

Getting rid of papilloma is not difficult. Pharmaceutical preparations and homeopathic remedies will solve a cosmetic problem in a matter of days. It is important not only to remove the neoplasm, but also to strengthen the immune system in order to prevent the reappearance of papillomas.